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Implement a Document Management Strategy
  Behind the scenes, Océ helps the people who make our world. Companies everywhere use Océ technical documentation systems in manufacturing, architecture, engineering and construction. High speed Océ printing systems produce millions of transaction documents each week, such as bank statements and utility bills. And in offices around the world, people use Océ professional document systems to keep the wheels of business and government turning. Océ is also at work in publishing on demand, digital newspaper production and wide format colour for spectacular display graphics. It’s all a proposition we call… Printing for Professionals.  
  The paperless office is more myth than reality. Large enterprises spend 1-3 percent of revenue on printers, supplies and support. Most are burdened with obsolete print technology that’s costly to support and inefficient. New converged print, scan, copy and fax technologies offer far more value and capability – but the transition can involve risk and disruption.

HP can help optimize and standardize your entire print environment and increase your end-user productivity. We can help you transform your approach to delivering and managing print to your enterprise.

HP’s Imaging and Printing Solutions can help your organization:

Optimize and standardize datacenter and office print environments
Meet your evolving printing needs and budget, including support, usage based and fully managed solutions
Maximize your print investment while ensuring the reliability of critical business processes

  Capella Technologies offers state-of-the-art Document Output Management & Job Accounting products that enable companies to format, print, monitor, allocate, archive, distribute and secure critical business documents the most cost-effective way possible.

With our long-standing relationship with Hewlett Packard and our extensive expertise in legacy/ERP system integration, we help companies of all sizes to:


Streamline printing processes (distribution, archiving, job accounting)
Reduce overhead costs (special paper/forms, printing hardware)
Enhance document/data security (prevention of unauthorized exposure, fraud)
Improve document quality and consistency (formatting, brand image)

From sensitive financial reports to confidential HR documents to checks, barcodes and forms — there’s no better way to get document output under control than with Capella Technologies.


A fast growing private company

Jetmobile is a privately-owned company created in 1994 to invent firmware-based solutions for the HP LaserJet printers, targeted at the corporate world.

Its expertise is on the information traceability, security and mobility.


Since 1994, Jetmobile has developed 2 major products which have become industry-standards (BarDIMM and MicrDIMM) sold at more than 15,000 units per year, and a third (SecureJet) which is also becoming the market leader for authenticating users on hp devices and providing secure mobile printing. Jetmobile has built licensing, technological, marketing or sales alliances and partnerships with industry leaders such as SAP (ERP), HID (corporate badges), Gemalto (Smartcards), hp (Servers, systems, printers and MFPs), Gemalto (smartcards) to build a bridge between the hp printers & MFPs world and the corporate infrastructure.