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Implement a Document Management Strategy

Companies today are getting a higher return on their investment by successfully implementing a document strategy.

You may feel that your company already has a document strategy because you address document output effectively. But output is just the tip of the iceberg. Document management and related costs are much larger in scope than you may realize. Industry analysts report that documents can consume up to 15% of corporate revenue—meaning a $5 million company can spend up to $750,000 on their existing document lifecycle processes: input/capture, management/layout, output/distribution and storage/archival.

Documents are a high-impact area and, ironically, few companies have a document strategy in place to address these hidden costs. An effective blueprint that is able to impact this process even 1% in the previous scenario could return $75,000! It begs the question: What other area of your company consumes 15% of your revenue and goes unmanaged?

At Mushko Printing Solutions, the first step in this process is to analyze your company's current spend and processes to gain an accurate baseline and to identify existing costs. It is then critical to map those processes to your corporate goals and strategies to develop an overall document strategy.


At MPS, partnering with our customers to assess needs, costs, processes and future expectations is a critical part of developing an effective document strategy.

What sets Mushko apart from the competition is our ability to integrate your corporate strategy with our document expertise and innovative technology to build a blueprint that can effectively address your total document spend without disrupting your core business functions.

If an organization does not possess the internal resources or expertise required to implement and manage its document strategy on its own—MPS can provide an incomparable level of service through the implementation of our world-class outsourcing methodology. This proven methodology combines best practices and world-class service levels enabling us to provide our customers with a better return on their investment.

Mushko's document management services offerings include:
Professional Services Technical Services
On-Site Managed Services Online Support
Legal Document Services Digital Copiers, Printers & MFP's
e-Services Integrated Solutions Portfolio
Financing Color Solutions
Customer Services Document Strategy Assessments

As one of the nation's largest document outsourcing service providers, Mushko possesses a unique ability to provide the most knowledgeable people and integrate them with innovative technology, document expertise and best practices to create a framework for success. In this way, we seek to deliver a sustainable competitive advantage to your operation by helping to eliminate inefficiencies and improve your administrative and document management processes.

MPS's On-Site Managed Services team will partner with your organization to assess your document needs, costs, current processes and future expectations to develop an outsourcing solution for years to come. Through the years, we have developed proven methodologies to efficiently and effectively manage all phases of the document lifecycle -- from creation to storage. This document expertise, has grown each year and we have applied this knowledge to several customer engagements nationwide. From this base of expertise we are able to provide you with the potential for improved document workflow efficiencies, print output strategies and, even more importantly, document management savings.

Our powerful, world-class service methodology, is built with our customers in mind. It starts with the dedication of each individual employee and is enhanced by regular evaluations to ensure your expectations have been met and customer satisfaction continues to grow.

We capture specific customer needs and translate them into innovative solutions using industry-leading technology and measurable service levels; design and manage the implementation process; leverage nationally validated operations and best practices; consistently develop and motivate employees to deliver world-class service; and regularly update the document strategy to maintain alignment with customer objectives.

Mushko's unique ability to integrate technology with a variety of in-house support functions helps to provide service levels that will meet the needs of your organization. In order to customize a management services solution, our staff of experts will help you identify the technologies required to achieve maximum efficiencies throughout your organization.